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Vinh Ton

A.B., Princeton, 2022

Vinh has been a lifelong Texan, growing up in the beautiful city of Austin. He discovered his passion for chemistry in 10th grade, which he fostered through extracurricular academic competitions. At Princeton, he hopes to continue exploring the diverse fields of chemistry. Part of what attracted him to organophotoredox was the beauty of the photocatalyst structures and their intriguing mechanism of action. In his free time, Vinh enjoys light biking, reading or listening to nonfiction books, ping pong, and occasionally fishing.

Fun Facts
  • In the winter, Vinh can be identified by looking for the person completely bundled up from head to toe without any skin showing, including goggles. Despite this, he claims he “kinda” likes the cold.
  • If asked to choose a single eating utensil for an unknown meal, Vinh would choose chopsticks—even if there is a possibility of the meal being a soup.
  • Vinh could probably win an award for catching the smallest fish.
  • The only remnant from Vinh’s videogaming days is his current mousepad that he won from a competition.