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Zihan (Blair) Dong

B.Sc., Carnegie Mellon University, 2023

Blair was born and raised in Beijing, China. She went to Carnegie Mellon University for her undergraduate studies and earned a B.S. in chemistry with departmental, college, and university honors. She joined the Kietrys Lab at Carnegie Mellon the summer after her freshman year and stayed there for three years. She worked on an independent project in understanding circular RNAs and protein interactions, focusing on their functions in breast cancer progression. Outside of the lab, Blair likes to play tennis, cook, and explore new restaurants.

Fun Facts
  • During her senior year in college, Blair co-hosted a college radio talk show named “Good times, bad decisions” with her friends.
  • Despite being roasted by all of her friends, Blair always pours milk before cereal.
  • Blair used to be terrible at cooking, but she now likes cooking after spending all the time at home during the summer of 2020.