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Carla Hümpel

B.Sc., University of Münster, 2022

Carla was born in Paris, France, but moved back to Germany, where her family is originally from, when she was four. She went to Münster University for her undergraduate studies and earned her Bachelor’s degree working in the Glorius group on EnT-Mediated N-S bond homolysis leading to aliphatic sulfonyl fluorides. She started pursuing her Master’s degree in October 2022 and had the opportunity to spend two months with the Kobayashi group in Tokyo, Japan for a research internship. Outside of the lab, Carla likes to cook, read, and go on hikes.

Fun Facts
  • Carla likes to spend one week each year hiking in the Pyrenees in France, sleeping in a tent, following a trail that leads from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Carla once was a vegan, but missed cheese so much she converted back to being a vegetarian.
  • Carla claims there are several books she has read over twenty times.