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Cesar Nicolas Prieto Kullmer

B.Sci., Texas Christian University, 2018

Cesar (although he usually goes by Nico) was born in Madrid, Spain, where he lived for the first five years of his life. He then moved to the small town of Kassel in Germany and spent the next thirteen years accumulating flight miles while shuttling between the two places to keep up with his disjointed family. After obtaining his Abitur, Nico underwent a tumultuous number of location and employment changes before he was finally able to complete his undergraduate studies at TCU (Go Frogs!). Together with Prof. Sergei Dzyuba, he studied the photoluminescence of carbon nanotubes and BODIBY-dyes, as well as the application of imidazolium-based ionic liquids towards the development of soft materials and supramolecular polymers. Hoping to make an impact through chemistry and to improve the life of others, Nico moved to Princeton to become a proficient organic chemist while working on discovering new and exciting insight into nature. Outside of the lab, he enjoys running, cycling, and reading everything from monographs to poetry.

Fun Facts
  • Nico used to be Harry Potter’s biggest fan (and read the fourth book a solid forty-five times), but not receiving his letter of admission to Hogwarts at age eleven left him heart-broken.
  • Given the complexity of his name, Nico has seen people write it wrong in at least ten different ways. That includes his college diploma.
  • Nico used to play rugby union filling in as hooker, but has since dropped 60 pounds and therefore lost any punch he had in his tackles.