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Dr. Alexander Haseloer

B. Sc., University of Cologne, 2015

M. Sc., University of Cologne, 2017

Ph. D., University of Cologne, 2021

Alex born and raised in cologne, Germany. During his masters he was working with Prof. Neumaier at the research center in Jülich working in nuclear chemistry, before returning to the university of cologne to finish his degree. He received his Ph.D. degree for his work on thiosemicarbzone complexes and their conjugation to peptides. While he was writing his Ph.D. he was working in the reconstruction of the flood devastated Ahr Valley, where he did not just learn how to deconstruct buildings, but also found his love for good wine. Alex started his Postdoc in the MacMillan group in July 2022, but before that he continued volunteering and became the head of the logistics section of the Ukrainian aid organization “Blau-Gelbes Kreuz e.V.” without knowing anything about trucks or customs in the beginning.

Fun Facts
  • The music he listening to can switch from electronic music to black metal to cologne carnival ska music in a matter of seconds.
  • He really enjoys learning about the weirdest chemicals and procedures and sharing that knowledge.
  • Once lost a 100 pounds due to boredom, but gained a few back.
  • He has a problem with saying “no” when it comes to volunteering.