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Dr. Colin Gould

B.Sc., Brown University, 2015

Ph. D., University of California, Berkeley, 2020

Colin was born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. He attended Brown University for undergraduate school, where he completed a Sc. B. in chemistry and studied the mechanism of terpene biosynthesis in the lab of Prof. David Cane. Excited by a broad range of chemistry research, Colin pursued summer research projects on photoswitchable polymers with Prof. Anne Staubitz at the University of Kiel and metal-organic framework catalysis with Prof. Jeff Long at the University of California, Berkeley. Colin then rejoined the Long group for graduate school, where his Ph. D. focused on the design and synthesis of high-temperature single-molecule magnets. Switching fields yet again, Colin joined the MacMillan group as a postdoctoral fellow to learn how inorganic chemistry concepts can be applied to the development of organic synthetic methodologies. Outside of lab, Colin enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and playing tennis.

Fun Facts
  • Colin enjoys road trips and has driven from Pennsylvania to California (and back) five times.
  • Growing up in small town Pennsylvania, Colin had not eaten much non-American food before college. He’s now making up for lost time by learning to cook food from around the globe.
  • While Colin enjoys hiking, he’s a very slow walker. Keeping up with the MacMillan group on the way to Olives is a weekly struggle.