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Dr. Danielle Morgan

B.Sc., University of Glasgow, 2018

Ph.D., University of Glasgow, 2022

Danielle was born in Ascot, England and carried out her undergraduate degree and Ph.D. studies in Scotland at the University of Glasgow. Danielle’s Ph.D. was in chemical biology, specialising in peptide chemistry within Professor Andrew Jamieson’s research group. During her time in Scotland, Danielle developed a pure love of hiking up the Scottish munros, snowboarding and wakeboarding on Loch Lomond (despite the freezing temperatures). Danielle’s always been passionate about moving to the US and made the move to join the MacMillan group in April 2023.

Fun Facts
  • Danielle picked up a love of bungee jumping when she did her first ever jump over a river while at a conference in Whistler, Canada (see above image). She is seeking out where her next jump will be…
  • Danielle has a minor dog obsession, however, she has a cat whom she found as a kitten on a night out in Glasgow. Lola (the cat) has been brought up to be more dog-like and sits for treats on command!
  • When she was younger, Danielle competed in Modern Pentathlon events for Great Britain (running, riding, fencing, shooting & swimming). She is still a keen runner and enjoys the odd half marathon race for charity.