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Dr. Megan Shaw

Postdoctoral Scholar, Merck, Rahway, 2018

Meg grew up in Birmingham, UK before moving north for her undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield. After completing her Master’s research project under the supervision of Professor Joe Harrity, she moved to the University of Bristol to pursue her postgraduate studies within the Bristol Chemical Synthesis Centre for Doctoral Training.  Here, she joined the research group of Dr. John Bower and, under the co-supervision of Dr Bill Whittingham from Syngenta, Meg conducted research in the area of C-C bond activation with focus on the development of Rh-catalyzed ring expansion methodologies for the synthesis of N-heterocycles. Upon completing her PhD, Meg joined the MacMillan group at Princeton University as a postdoctoral research associate and has been working in the area of metallaphotoredox catalysis. In her spare time, Meg enjoys good food, travelling to new places and will never turn down the opportunity to go dancing.

Fun Facts
  • When Meg goes home, the first meal she chooses to eat is a full English breakfast with a cup of tea.
  • Meg ran a half marathon while in Bristol, and then she had to run another one because she missed her target time by 20 seconds.
  • Meg has a strangely good, but fairly unnecessary, knowledge of kitchenwares and utensils from working at her Dad’s shop since she was a kid.