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Dr. Noriyuki Takanashi

Dr. Noriyuki Takanashi

B. Pharm., Tokyo University of Science, 2011

M. Pharm, Tokyo University of Science, 2013

Ph. D., Chiba University, 2016

Noriyuki was born and raised in Katsushika, the most east of Tokyo. He received his B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. from Tokyo University of Science, where he studied the total synthesis of natural products with complex structures derived from fungi or plants in the lab of Susumu Kobayashi. Subsequently, he started his Ph.D. with Hiromitsu Takayama at Chiba University, where he engaged in synthetic studies of indole alkaloids using the Au(I)-catalyzed cyclization. After graduation, he worked in Daiichi Sankyo, designing and synthesizing small molecules for seven years in multiple therapeutic areas, including two years in cheminformatics. He decided to join the MacMillan Group as a Visiting Research Scholar in March 2024. Outside the lab, he enjoys chilling in his house, watching YouTube & Netflix, and listening to music.

Fun Facts
  • He said "Noriyuki" three times at Starbucks, but the cup said "Coby." Giving up using his real name, he has called himself "Yuki" in the U.S.
  • He is a good whistler and can play most of the tunes he knows, but few people, including his friends, know this.
  • When he was little, he loved the movie "Apollo 13" and dreamed of working for NASA.