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Jacob Kautzky

BSc., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, 2016

NSF Graduate Fellowship

Jacob was born and raised in the frozen tundra (aka Minneapolis, dontcha know). He is a night owl, an eagle scout, a former golden gopher (University of Minnesota for Undergrad) and a Princeton Tiger. He performed undergraduate research in Tom Hoye’s group and just started in the Mac Millan group, where he will be working on methodology involving metallaphotoredox chemistry. When he is not in lab, he enjoys sleeping, eating pizza (the more meat, the merrier), playing just about any kind of game, hanging out with friends, watching Scandal (it’s addictive!), and overusing parentheses.

Fun Facts
  • Jacob is an elections junkie and can name all 100 senators and 50 governors. He refers to election night as the super bowl.
  • Jacob’s initials are JK, which befits him as he is fairly sarcastic.
  • Jacob likes to shake it off, sing out-of-tune, and just dance to most pop and top-40 music. So feel free to say hello, and please don’t stop the music.