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Katherine Burton

M. Sc., University of Toronto, 2021

Katherine was born and raised in the beautiful province of Ontario. She attended the University of Toronto for her BSc (Hon), as a double major in Chemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology. Here, she performed her thesis under supervision of Prof. Mark Lautens, researching palladium-catalyzed C–H bond functionalization, and later the enantioselective borylcupration of styrene derivatives. Yearning to learn more about boron, Katherine joined the group of Prof. Andrei Yudin, where she contributed to the development of traditionally elusive fluorinated β-aminoalkylboronic acids. Next, for her MSc she (literally) embraced gloveboxes while working in the lab of Prof. Douglas Stephan on carbon-based hydrodefluorination catalysis. In the summer of 2021, Katherine came to Princeton to join the MacMillan group for her PhD. In her free time, Katherine enjoys hiking, reading, and essentially all outdoor activities.

Fun Facts
  • Katherine has a miniature “pocket” beagle, who can successfully open cabinet doors to find treats.
  • Katherine is always looking for new music suggestions as she enjoys all genres.
  • An avid lover of cilantro, Katherine feels most meals are elevated by a generous garnish of the leafy green.