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Nick Intermaggio

B. A., Boston University, 2016

Nick is originally from New Haven, CT but moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia early in high school. He completed his undergraduate degree at Boston University in 2016, graduating with a B.A. in chemistry. While at BU, Nick conducted undergraduate research in Professor John A. Porco Jr.’s laboratory where he worked on the total synthesis of polycyclic xanthone natural products. After graduation, he joined E Ink Corporation in Billerica, MA where he worked on surfactant synthesis and materials chemistry. In the summer of 2017, Nick joined the medicinal chemistry department at Amgen Inc. in Cambridge, MA. After just over 2 years at Amgen, Nick moved to the suburbs of New Jersey and joined the MacMillan group at Princeton University. Outside of the lab, Nick enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants and riding his bike.

Fun Facts
  • Nick is a 4 for 4 Philadelphia sports fan.
  • Nick once constructed an over-sized cardboard cut out of Josh Peck’s face and brought it to Firefly music festival. Josh Peck heard about it and posted a picture of Nick holding the cut out on Instagram.
  • Nick has a really hard time keeping his eyes open in Pictures.
  • Nick is an avid Formula 1 racing fan, his favorite driver is Max Verstappen.