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Rachel Yan

A.B., Princeton, 2025

Rachel was born and raised in East Brunswick, NJ. She began developing an interest in chemistry during high school due to research seminars, an informal organic chemistry course, and a very dedicated high school teacher. Rachel previously worked in Professor Yang’s group on single particle tracking in biological environments. She joined the MacMillan group in her sophomore year to explore biological chemistry and learn as much as possible. Outside of the lab, Rachel is a member of Science Olympiad and Splash, and she enjoys playing the piano and making things (crocheting, baking, painting).

Fun Facts
  • As an unbiased New Jerseyan, Rachel believes in the existence of Central Jersey.
  • Rachel used to be an expert in identifying random fonts, but now she only designs shirts for clubs.
  • Of all the science classes, chemistry was Rachel’s least favorite in high school, but she enjoyed them all.