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Roderick (Chenmengxiao) Pan

B. S., Fudan University, 2020

Roderick was born and raised in Sichuan in southwest China. He spent his undergraduate years at Fudan University in Shanghai where he received his B.S. in Chemistry. During his time at Fudan University, he focused primarily on the research of a type of natural products called RiPPs in Professor Qi Zhang’s Lab. In his junior year, he had a three-month internship in summer 2019 at the lab of Professor Wilfred van der Donk, where he conducted research on lanthipeptides. As part of Class of 2020 who graduated in unprecedented times, he took a year gap before coming to Princeton and joined Professor Tiangang Liu’s lab in Wuhan University as a research assistant. There, he worked on the project of developing a cell-free platform for natural products discovery. After a long international trip, he finally got his way from his hometown to the MacMillan group in Princeton. Outside of the lab, Roderick loves to experience great restaurants and continue his “researches” in the kitchen.

Fun Facts
  • Roderick loves spicy food - which is what his hometown cuisine Is known for - and it “kills" him if not eat hot food on any single day.
  • When Roderick works alone in the late night, he usually listens to detective or scary stories to keep himself awake.
  • Roderick has got a single and a double eyelid, making him look differently on each side.