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Scott Pedersen

B. Sci., Macalester College, 2018

Scott was born and raised in Far Hills, New Jersey. In 2014, he moved to St. Paul, Minnesota to study Chemistry and Applied Math at Macalester College, graduating in 2018. While there, he researched click chemistry and heterocycle synthesis in the lab of Professor Ronald Brisbois. After graduating, Scott moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to start a two year rotational program at AstraZeneca, working across the medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, and chemical biology departments. Tired of the big city life, Scott finally moved back to the quiet woods of New Jersey in Summer 2020 to join the MacMillan group at Princeton for his graduate studies. Outside of the lab, Scott enjoys rock climbing, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

Fun Facts
  • Scott dabbles in jazz flute
  • Despite loving the outdoors, Scott does not get along well with the sun
  • Scott has broken his ankle every time he has tried to skateboard