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Sean Huth

B. Sci., University of Wisconsin- Madison, 2020

Sean was born in Schwetzingen, Germany to a Bavarian mother and a Wisconsinite dad. Growing up as an army brat he moved around every 3 years or so and even finished high school in Finland. He started a bachelors at the Technical University of Munich and worked in the Margulies lab studying CREB-A expression in relation to appetite in drosophila. However, he was called back to his Wisconsin roots and transferred to UW Madison to finish his bachelors in chemistry. Here he had the privilege of working in the Gellman lab on the synthesis and characterization of nylon-3 polymers as antimicrobial agents. Never staying in one place for too long, Sean ventured to the east coast to begin working in the MacMillan lab at Princeton. Apart from lab work, Sean is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys cooking, skiing, sailing, and seeking out the highest quality coffee.

Fun Facts
  • Due to his highschool basketball team's incredible lack of height, he was forced to play center despite being only 6 ft tall.
  • Sean spent most of his childhood in Georgia, which explains his love for hot wings and rap music.
  • Chemistry was his worst subject in high school.
  • Sean once walked through -30 degrees Celsius weather during a polar vortex just to play some super smash bros with his pals.