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Vittorio Ciccone

B.Sc., University of Urbino, 2021

Vittorio was born in Ancona he graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical technologies at the University of Urbino where he had the opportunity to work on the formal synthesis of 6,7-secoagroclavine. After his degree he joined the Lab of Gary Molander as a visiting scholar, in this six month he worked on the trifunctionalization of cinnamyl alcohol via photoinduced radical-polar-radical mechanism and on a transition metal-free visible-light-induced (hetero)arylation to prepare substituted oxindoles. In 2022 he started his Ph. D. in the G. Favi group at the University of Urbino where he developed two methodologies for the synthesis of heteocycle from 1,2-diaza-1,3-dienes. For his second year of Ph.D., he decided to join the MacMillan Group as a Visiting Research Student to continue to work on photochemistry. Outside the lab, he enjoys culinary adventure, stays with his dogs, and never misses a drink with his friends.

Fun Facts
  • Vittorio loves all kinds of animals, but especially his dogs Logan and Dobby.
  • Even though he is doing his Ph. D. in organic chemistry during high school he was terrible at chemistry.
  • His favorite food is pizza, he has to eat it at least 3 times a week.