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William Carson

B. Sc., Miami University, 2021

Will was born in Akron, OH and grew up in Hudson, OH. He is a recent graduate from Miami University in Oxford, OH, where he majored in chemistry and neuroscience. At Miami, Will researched in Professor Wei Liu’s lab, where he mainly researched C-C bond-formation via Cu(III) reductive elimination. Will also conducted physical organic chemistry research in Professor Scott Hartley’s lab at Miami University, where he synthesized and analyzed ortho-phenylene foldamers. During the summer of 2020, Will worked under Professor Milan Delor through Columbia University’s MRSEC REU program, where he developed new computational methods to analyze excitonic rotational dynamics in layered perovskites. In his free time, Will enjoys skiing, hiking, running, cliff-jumping, and reading.

Fun Facts
  • Will is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, despite growing up near Cleveland, OH.
  • While Will was skiing at a young age, he shattered his kneecap, which required surgery; to help regain mobility in his knee, he picked up hacky-sacking as a hobby.
  • Will’s great uncle has his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.